THE COMPLAINER - is the basic music project of the polish artist Wojciech Kucharczyk (WK). WK acts on the undergrounds, electronic, psychofolk/geography, brave scenes for many years. He runs the renown anti-label Mik.Musik.!., leads the Molr Drammaz band, works as retro*sex*galaxy, with Pathman. With Felix Kubin in the TerriTerrorTorium project from 2004 several radioplays and performances. Plays concerts and shows internationally since the birth of Molr Drammaz and Mik. In the very east he played in Moscow/RU, in the very west in Miami/FL. As the ambassadeur of the polish underground he visited some places and festivals as a real pioneer. He is also a subversive designer (thesigner!) and an actionist. He thinks about coming back to painting or photography sometime. He is full of ideas all the time.

As THE COMPLAINER (TC) WK is materializing his idea of "quotadelic" music, full of quotations and references, analyses and contexts, but dominated by the unique personality of WK himself. Instruments and tools unlimited. It is a jungle-like density, volcanic energy, maximality, global, multilingual. It is simply POP music well tailored for our times, without connection to the so called mainstream.


TC released two albums - "Sponsored by retro*sex*galaxy" and "& THE COMPLAINERS", plus some mp3 outings, which were acclaimed by international critics, but most of all by the audience, which tilts amok and other anti-comas during live shows. TC performances enounter more and more controversies, but no wonder, no doubt, these shows are becoming more and more surprising, with their vision and power, humor and intimate revolutions, antistyle and gravity. Since july of 2007 he plays with his own group THE COMPLAINERS, consisting of some bright personalities of polish ndependent music, but the will is to play as often as possible with special guests, the ideal is to construct a genuine super-big-band. Mutation is the thing.

Music is the entity. Styles work in negative ways. The artist is not a slave even on his own. Policy is no education, education is no policy. Geography is the mother of science. Everyone knows where we are touched. Pink is evil. Burning preacher.




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