Maciek Kujawski aka CO's music can not be compared to anything yet surfaced in polish hip hop. Instrumental hiphop (but with some word-and-vocal-spices added for rich nutrition), non-abstract, rustling, vibrating, communicative. A mixture of a lesson taken from old-school loops and scratches, with a talent to feel and predict recent flows and raged sounds. Acrobatics between genuine, pure-bred style and fresh elements. Joggling with "compulsory recent fads" and an intimate "closing the eye". A wide-band production directed into noise transmission, nonconformist. You are dancing without looking, neither back nor for others, respect! 

Well advanced sample processing, volcanic activity of the bass, marsian transparency of details, apocalyptic hi-hat, and the bang-drum played by a kick-boxer. 

Be educated, be touched, sniff some cobalt to your corason and start to be a real commanding officer of your brand new corporated company. Convinction, Compulsion, Contradiction, Condensation, Cooperation, Constitutive Confirmation.



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