8rolek is the playful, playful electronic project of Bartek Kujawski (born in 1978), Poland. He lives and works in Lodz, Poland.

His debut 'Ptak Mechaniczny EP' ('mechanical bird') was released by the mik.musik.!. label based in Skoczow, Silesia. It was acclaimed as the best polish electronic debut and one of the records of 2001. A sparkling spring on a provincial desert.
His music consists of subtle shifts of synchronic and asynchronic rhythm layers, of small irregular loop segments, noisy reverbs and a non-direct stereophonic play. In his approach Bartek is using not only a regular laptop way of constructing music on stage: he is bringing also an accordion or small toys into play - with unique effects. The second album "Dziewiata gratis" came out in 2002 showing a new, more focused, more consequent and communicative approach.

The latest CD is titled "umpomat" and was released in january 2005. Without doubt this is the most mature eightrolekian construction so far, essencializing the whole multiplex world of Bartek's questions. In an almost "proverbian" way he is giving us a crossing on the road between informatics, programme-programmistic and the path of pure humanism, or, even, its traces are clearly humanitarian. 

Works also as softwaremaker/programmer with strong interest in building interactive virtual/internet soundtoys and sound-games.  His work was presented in June 2003 during the exhibiton "Natarcie Netrtu" in the reknown gallery "Zachet" in Warsaw.

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